My class and I walked 346 laps to help people with type one diebeates. But remember just one person can make a difference.
This is King Lollipop,he won Cutest Monster Award!!!!!!He won a lollipop and crown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hello, I`m King Lollipop do you want to learn more about me?

     Well here is my story my blue body is so hairy it is like never shave.

Also I have a humongous smile that spreads across my face, it is about

two inches long. My eyes look like they see something delicious to eat.

    Here is why my name is King Lollipop it is because I won the cutest

monster award so I have a green crown on the top of my head. My

Lollipop is a magenta pink that is what explains the eyes because I got

the lollipop so I`m hungry. The stick of the lollipop is light green.

    One hand is holding the scrumptious lollipop. The other hand is 

down at the side. The two feet are planted on the ground. The feet

and hands are both green.

     Well that is my story, Can you try to picture me in your head?

King Lollipop
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